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About Us

From our humble beginnings in Northeast Nebraska, to our Best of Omaha Award-Winning services, Moose has been on a constant upward trend with no slowing down in sight. We credit our success to our amazing people.

Ownership & Beginnings

Pat Muhs grew up farming in small town Nebraska. From a young age, his talents construction and passion for helping others evolved from odd jobs to steady pay. His small town roots and work ethic turned into big ambitions as he made his way across the state to the University of Nebraska. Armed with his knowledge of roofing and skilled craftsmanship, Pat paid determination and dedication to constantly offering the Highest Quality of service. It wasn’t long before the Moose family of businesses was born.

Over the Years

Pat and the Moose Team have grown through the quickly evolving marketplace by always staying at the forefront of innovation. We believe in equipping our team with the highest level of education from the industry’s best teachers. in order to push the boundaries and set the bar higher. 


Moose operates within the Omaha and Lincoln markets serving thousands of local families and homeowners. An expansion into gutter services and a focus on growing our insurance services are just a few avenues of diversification that our team has pursued. We’ve grown into multiple offices to accommodate our growing base and better meet our clients’ needs. Our efforts in hiring only the best, and training with integrity has paid off over the years. We’ve been blessed with a team that cares deeply for our values and shares the commitment to taking care of our customers above all else.

Check out our latest projects and reviews from our customers and see how we’ve grown into the best roofing contractor in Omaha, and Lincoln. Feel free to contact us with any questions and schedule your Free Inspection online.

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